Consecuencias estratégicas del reconocimiento de la RPC por Panamá

Compartimos este interesante artículo sobre las implicaciones geoestratégicas del reciente reconocimiento de la República Popular de China por parte de Panamá:

In Honduras and Guatemala, while both governments are solidly pro-U.S., recognition of the PRC would provide both important business opportunities and a counterweight to Western pressures on issues of corruption and human rights, such as the Commission on Impunity (CICIG) in Guatemala, which have generated resentment among some elites. In addition, key political figures, such as Porfirio Lobo Sosa (known as Pepe Lobo), Honduras’ previous president and mentor to its current president, have previously advocated recognition of the PRC. While those same elites are often deeply distrustful of the PRC, the prospect of expanded deportations of Central Americans from the U.S., combined with cuts in aid for those countries through the U.S. Department of State, further expands the short-term appeal of recognizing the PRC to some within the beleaguered governments of Guatemala and Honduras.

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