Learning how to learn

Les compartimos el nuevo video de New Media sobre educación “Learning how to learn” de Barbara Oakley, grabada en su reciente visita a la UFM.

Dice la descripción de este video:

Barbara Oakley says the ability to learn is one of the biggest attributes of the human being and through this lecture she tries to help the audience get in touch with that attribute. She begins by explaining how she became an engineering professor since she had always been bad at math class. She explains what the “focus” and “diffuse” mode and how learning involves going back and forth between these two.

Then Oakley shares some of the best practices and techniques she had proven to be good to learn effectively. She finishes by emphasizing the idea of “recall”, which she explains to be a very simple technique to learn difficult concepts and also alludes to the idea of passion; that is something that develops from the things we are good at.

Esperamos que lo disfruten.

1 thought on “Learning how to learn

  1. In order to “learn how to learn” I think that we need to trick our brain into learning what we want to learn. We have to find what works for each and everyone. For example…I always wanted to learn to speak English. So I started with the typical ABC’s…didn’t work. What finally worked was watching documentaries. That worked for me.

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